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Top Tips for Testifying at a Hearing!

In October, I joined forces with fellow Arthritis Foundation advocates to testify on step therapy reform. We traveled to the Massachusetts State House in Boston and shared our stories with legislators. Testifying at a bill hearing may seem intimidating, but here are my tips for making it less scary.

Remember that you are your legislator's boss

Legislators want to hear from their constituents. They appreciate you taking the time to come and weigh in on a bill that matters to you. It if helps you, bring notes to reference.

Remember, its impossible for legislators to know about every bill being debate, so it is our job to educate our legislators on what is happening to the millions of Americans with arthritis.

It's ok to say


You are the expert of your story


That is why you are at the hearing to testify; to share your story and to show how the legislation can impact millions of patients just like you.

You have the chance to make a difference and you CAN do it! With these tips, you’ll be ready to share your story and advocate on legislation that would make a difference to the arthritis community. Remember, elected officials are just like you and me!

You cantake action today by sending a message to your legislatorabout federal step therapy reform via the Action Center. With just a few minutes, you can let your elected officials know that you support breaking down barriers to care for people with arthritis.

Safe Step Act Needs Your Support


My name is Sophie Sherman, and I am a rising high school senior from Brookline, Massachusetts. When I was 11, my parents started to notice that I wasn’t acting like myself. Instead of spending time with my friends after school, I would take four-hour-long naps on the living room sofa. Instead of asking for seconds on pasta night, I would barely touch my plate. It seemed like everything I did, be it physical or mental, consumed every ounce of my energy.Continue readingSafe Step Act Needs Your Support

Advocates Gather in Harrisburg to Advocate for Patient Protections

In Pennsylvania, we’re working on legislation to streamline patient access to care. And we can’t do it alone. On June 5, Arthritis Foundation Advocates traveled to Harrisburg for a state legislative day. They shared their stories with legislators and asked for support on two important bills.Continue readingAdvocates Gather in Harrisburg to Advocate for Patient Protections

Importance of Step Therapy Reform

Step therapy这也被称为“先失败”,是保险公司使用的一种工具,要求患者在获得医生最初开出的药物之前,先尝试一种较便宜的治疗方法或一系列治疗方法。过于繁重的步骤治疗要求可能会危及患者与提供者的关系,并不必要地延长无效治疗,阻止患者立即开始,或在某些情况下继续获得医生建议的最适当治疗。Continue readingImportance of Step Therapy Reform

Step Therapy Reform Moves Ahead in Georgia

On Wednesday, January 23, a group of Georgia Advocates gathered at the state capitol building to talk to legislators about step therapy reform. The event was attended by Advocates from across the state,including a mother and daughter who drove from three hours away to talk about the challenges they’ve faced getting access to their medications. The day included a visit from the bill sponsor, Rep. Sharon Cooper (R-43), a brief overview of current step therapy practices and role playing, as well as meetings with some of Georgia’s legislators.

Our Advocates talked to legislators aboutstep therapy,这是一种保险实践,要求患者在允许更昂贵的治疗之前使用较低成本的药物,尽管医生建议。库珀众议员与我们的支持者分享,她的法案将创建护栏,如果所要求的药物与患者已经在服用的药物有负面反应,或如果患者之前尝试过该药物,但失败了,那么医生可以撤销步进治疗的请求。

The bill has just been introduced and will go through the Georgia House and Senate chambers for review and votes. Please take a moment totake actionby reaching out to your legislators and asking them to support step therapy reform in Georgia.

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