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evening of honors

2018 Evening of Honors: Paying Tribute to Top Supporters

pete scaliaAn annual highlight of the Arthritis Foundation’sConference of Championsis our Evening of Honors – a time when we celebrate outstanding achievements of our most engaged volunteers and partners.

This year’s ceremony was hosted byPete Scalia,co-anchor of WBNS 10TV’s “This Morning” news program in Columbus, Ohio. Diagnosed with severerheumatoid arthritisat age 30, Pete has been very open about the challenges of living with RA and is actively involved with the Arthritis Foundation.

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conference of champions

2018 Conference of Champions: Moving the Movement Forward

This weekend, the Arthritis Foundation’s most engaged volunteers from around the country are gathering in Baltimore’s East Harbor for the2018 Conference of Champions. This annual national event is where hundreds of volunteers – joined by other committed Foundation partners and staff – network with each other, share ideas and get energized around plans that will help more people with arthritis live their best life.

Kicking off the conference isRob Wicall, former San Antonio Spurs Coyote Mascot and chair of that market’s local leadership board for the Arthritis Foundation. Rob will share his own outlook about making others happy and how to convince them that they really can make a difference. We’ll also explore how data collection is helping shape local programs and services for people with arthritis through the newLive Yes! Arthritis Network.

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conference of champions

2018 Live Yes! Conference of Champions

Building Momentum for the Arthritis Movement


This November, we’ll renew our promise to empower people with arthritis to live their best life at the2018 Live Yes! Conference of Champions.Hundreds of Arthritis Foundation staff members, passionate volunteers and generous partners from around the country will descend on Baltimore to focus on “The Power of Connections.”

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Conference of Champions Evening of Honors

Rising to the Occasion at Our Conference of Champions

11月16日至17日,数百名关节炎基金会志愿者、捐赠者和合作伙伴齐聚亚利桑那州凤凰城,庆祝这一年的成功,并卷起袖子开始制定计划,在2018年取得更多成就。Participants at the2017 Conference of Championsleft the Valley of the Sun with a renewed passion for fighting arthritis harder than ever in communities nationwide.

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conference of champions 2017 evening of honors

Our Evening of Honors Salutes the Best of the Best

It’s been said that what makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well. This week, Arthritis Foundation supporters from around the country descended on Phoenix, Arizona for the2017 Conference of Champions. And there, they discovered the fountain of generosity through stories of the “best of the best.” The stories told by our most committed volunteers and partners, demonstrating their passion for our purpose.

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