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Live Yes! With Arthritis Podcast-Episode 1

现在每个人都在谈论CBD。我们是!无论是健康和美容产品,还是食品,甚至是你当地的咖啡店,似乎每个人都在参与进来。从焦虑、抑郁到疼痛、失眠,甚至偏头痛,人们都服用它。越来越多患有各种类型关节炎的人——从骨关节炎到类风湿性关节炎、银屑病关节炎或纤维肌痛——说他们已经尝试或计划这样做。Continue readingLive Yes! With Arthritis Podcast-Episode 1

The New Arthritis Foundation CBD Guidance for Adults with Arthritis

You may have noticed that CBD-based products have become almost as mainstream and as ubiquitous as pumpkin spice is this time of year. Touted as the magic ingredient in beauty products and snack foods, CBD (cannabidiol) seems to offer something for everyone. People with arthritis pain want to know: Is there something in it for me?

Driven almost exclusively by marketing and word of mouth, with very little science to back it up, CBD has become the buzz among people with arthritis looking for pain relief.

That’s what got the attention ofNatalie Azar, MD, a rheumatologist and medical contributor for NBC News. She learned that people with arthritis were asking the Arthritis Foundation: Should I try CBD? Will it work for me?

The Arthritis Foundation recently consulted leading arthritis and CBD experts to find out what you should know about this compound, which is typically extracted from the hemp plant. The result is the Arthritis Foundation CBD Consumer Guidance for Adults with Arthritis.

Dr. Azar featured our guidance in her report on CBD on the “Today” show Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

We want you to be in the best position to make an informed decision with your doctor about trying CBD.

ReadArthritis Foundation CBD Guidance for Adults with Arthritis.

More on CBD from the Arthritis Foundation:

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Opioid Policy Chief: “You can’t solve the opioid crisis without solving the pain crisis.”

If you have arthritis, chances are your doctor gave you a prescription for an opioid pain medication at some point. Opioids are effective at relieving pain, including post-surgical pain, and for some people who live with chronic pain from arthritis or other conditions, they are one part of managing that condition.

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arthritis pain awareness

Open Letter to America from the Arthritis Foundation About Pain

Arthritis ispainful… and it’s relentless. The Arthritis Foundation knows the pain our community endures. Based on a survey of arthritis patients, we know that:

  • The #1 goal of arthritis treatment is to “reduce pain.”
  • 寻求信息的头号动机是“我经历过痛苦”。

Pain is not an easy topic to discuss, but if we bring it out of the shadows, we believe the result will be eye-opening for everyone – and uplifting in mind, body and soul for the 54 million Americans who suffer from arthritis pain. The Arthritis Foundation is advancing a national conversation about the true pain – physical and emotional – that arthritis causes.

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opiod alternatives for arthritis pain

Two Studies Highlight Opioid Alternatives

The United States has been grappling with a growing opioid epidemic that is forcing doctors, policymakers and patients to come up with alternative ways to manage bothchronic and acute painand reduce the amount of opioid prescribing in the country. A pair of studies presented recently at the 2018 meeting of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) in New Orleans examine two possibilities for patients undergoing surgery.

The first study found that counseling before surgery significantly cuts the number of opioids patients take afterhand surgery. And the second study, led by the same doctor, showed that ibuprofen and acetaminophen each treats postsurgical pain from hand surgery as well as oxycodone.

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pain awareness month

September Is Pain Awareness Month

September is Pain Awareness Month– when we raise public awareness about the chronic pain nearly 100 million Americans experience and ways to effectively manage it.

Everyone hasacute painfrom time to time, typically coming from an injury, like cutting a finger or pulling a muscle; usually the pain goes away within 30 days or once the injury heals.Chronic pain, on the other hand, persists or progresses; your body keeps hurting for weeks, months or even years.

If you have arthritis, you may experience chronic pain.

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Arthritis Pain management Toolkit

Announcing the New Breaking the Arthritis Pain Chain Toolkit

When you think of arthritis one of the first things that comes to mind is pain. Pain can be all consuming; whether it’s burning, aching, or stiffness it’s not only an annoyance, it can affect every aspect of your life. You shouldn’t have to just “live” with the pain either. It is possible to manage your pain and improve your quality of life.
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